About Blitzserver

Blitzserver is server for hosting direct connect Dominions 5 games. It can be used to host blitzes as well as long term games where one turn is played every day or so.

How do I join a game?

You will need to create a pretender prior to joining. Once you have, open Dominions 5 and go to Network then Connect to a Dominions Server. The IP is games.blitzserver.net and the port is on the status page.

How do I create a game?

There's a Create new game form on the front page, enter a name for a game, an admin password, and complete the anti-bot check. Once you've submitted that form the game will have been created, the port can be seen on the status and schedule pages.

How do I create email reminders?

Go to the emails tab of the game you want to add reminders for, at the bottom there is a form with two tabs. New Turn Notification is for setting up email notifications when there is a new turn, and Turn Reminder is for setting up reminders if you're running out of time to submit your turn. At the top of the page there is an input Fetch Alerts which you can use to view and then delete the notifications you've set up.

How do I create discord reminders?

Go to the discord tab of the game in question (you must be admin for this game) and then click the Add Bot to Server. If you're not an admin for the server in question, send the link to someone who is. Once the bot has been added to a server you can send him
@bot help
to get instructions.

Why did my game disappear?

Games will be archived after two weeks without anyone submitting orders for an active game, or adding a pretender for games still in the lobby. If a game lapses and becomes archived, you can go to the schedule page and select Unarchive Game to reactivate it.

How can I see my old turns?

On the schedule page for your game, you can click the square for the given nation and turn, you'll be prompted for your password and if you can type it without fat fingering it you'll be provided a zip with your nation's .trn and .2h (if you submitted one) for that turn.

Its buggered, big time

Admins can check the turn logs tab for the game page to see why a turn may have failed to host. The most common issue is a game trying to start with illegal spawns (i.e. UW nations on a map with no UW provinces).

I have a suggestion/bug report

I check the thread every so often. Alternatively, you can open an issue over on the repository. However you will need to make a github account to do that.